Our Dads


Hamer– AKC little guy imported from Russia. He has an adorable little “puppet” face. Very short muzzle, with a cute little turned-up nose. Lol Large round, wide-set eyes. Very friendly and loves to be held. He’s 31/4 lbs.ย 


Beckett– Is a very handsome boy from Russia. Adorable face with a short muzzle and compact, solid little body. He has a gorgeous, thick silky coat (currently cut in a “puppy cut”) He is always happy and loves attention. He’s 5.5 lbs.ย 


Paddington–AKC reg. small blue and gold colored boy. He has a precious babydoll face, big eyes, and a compact body. He’s a little snootyย ๐Ÿ˜„ย and loves lots of attention. He was born here and the son of Adalyn and Rigsby. He’s 31/2 lbs.ย 


Rigsby– AKC reg.– He has an adorable face, a short little muzzle, a very compact body and a silky blue and gold coat. He carries parti-color and chocolate. His favorite thing to do is play with his toys. Especially the squeaky ones. He’s ย 31/2 lbs.ย 


Alek– AKC registered. A sweet face that makes him still look like a puppy. He’s from all imported lines but was born here. He enjoys playing ball in the yard and lying in the sun.ย 
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